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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tag.Travel?
Tag.Travel is a completely free and easy-to-use travel planner and travel journal, built for the vactioner and business traveler alike. Create a trip plan comprising destinations you will visit. Then add your experiences such as hotel stays, visits to popular tourist attractions and shopping sprees. Come back to record a blog and upload photos as your trip unfolds. And finally, you can choose to keep your travel journal completely private or, if you prefer help other travelers share it publicly on your public pages.

Can I book my itinerary on Tag.Travel?

How much does a Tag.Travel Account cost?
All services on Tag.Travel are completely free to end users.

If I login with facebook, is my activity on posted to my wall automatically?
How do I delete my account?

What's the difference between a 'trip' and a 'visit'?
Yep, you might have noticed that we tend to distinguish between a 'trip' and a 'visit' on our pages. A trip can be thought of as a complete travel event such as a vacation, a business trip, your honeymoon or such. A visit on the other hand is a stopover at a specific destination, like a visit to Boston, London or any other city. Very often people make more than one 'visit' to destinations on a 'trip'.

Are my travel pages visible to the public?
Does the sharing setting apply to all of my trips?
How do I delete a trip or experience?