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Start your Tag.Travel Journal

Use Tag.Travel to create a FREE travel journal where you can plot your destinations and build an itinerary of experiences such as hotel stays, sightseeing, shopping and other activities. As your trip unfolds, update your travel page with blogs, ratings, reviews and photos … and, if you like, share your travel journal privately or with other travelers.

It’s super easy to get started! Here’s all that you need to do:

1. Create an account by either signing in using your existing account with one of these providers:

AOL   Facebook  Google  Twitter  Yahoo

(we DO NOT share any of your profile information with any other user, affiliate, service provider or anyone else for that matter and we DO NOT post back to any of your social sites.)
-Or- create a free account here.

2. Your landing page is your Travel Summary and you can now create a new trip. You can either hit the orange “Add a trip “ in your Travel Summary page, OR you can select “Add a Trip” from the “My Travel Journal” dropdown at the top-right corner of the screen.

Adding a trip on Tag.Travel

3. Add the destinations that you will be visiting by typing in the name of the place in the text entry box above the map:

Adding a destination on Tag.Travel

Once you do this, a destination box will appear on the right pane and a flag will appear in the location on the map.

4. Add your experiences such as hotel stays, visits to popular attractions, shopping sprees etc…you may use the suggestions box to help you look up a known item, start typing the name of the experience & selecting the exact item from the autofill box OR just add a custom item as you might like (like: lazing on the beach!)

Adding experiences to your destination on Tag.Travel

5. Add your blogs, ratings, photos. Just hit the pencil icon and this will allow you to populate each of those elements. (TIP: Remember to hot the save icon when you are done!)

Sample Journal on Tag.Travel

6. That’s it! If you want to share this trip, just change the sharing setting by clicking on the icon above the trip title.

Sharing a Trip on Tag.Travel

Create as many trips as you want, and keep it totally private, share it privately with friends/family/colleagues, or share with fellow travelers who might benefit from your reviews and experiences!